Love Jewelry? We do! A piece of jewelry is not just something which you put on and move out. It’s a fashion statement! It portrays your lifestyle. For us, it’s an obsession we can’t live without. We live in the world of jewelry, we just don’t wear it, we walk jewelry, we talk jewelry and if we could eat? We’d eat jewelry (Literally, every day!)

At, we understand that success can be achieved with focus and passion and hence focusing on our passion has leaded us to success. And that’s what we expect from everyone at SARAH – “Exploring Fresh Fashion with Jewelry”. If you think you have it in you, to believe in your passion, to stay focused no matter how messed up the world is, and to grow with us? You’ve hit the right spot! Send us your CV to [email protected]

Yes, we do announce openings. But we are also in constant search for right people those who, don’t need openings and are out hunting for opportunities. If at all we see the spark in you? Don’t get surprised, we might just create a position for you.

Write to us even if you don’t see yourself fit, we will do the job of finding the right in you ☺.