Let's celebrate the colors of a woman

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Holi is on the way and we are all set to spread colours everywhere. Havinga a number of colours in hands we should not forget that we are having beautiful colours in life as well. Colours somehow represents the emotions and we should not forget that we just celebrated Women' Day a day before. It is a great coincident that Women' Day & Holi are on the same path and actually they are resembling the same feeling, which is Happiness :-) :-)

Therefore on this Holi, we salute all the women out there who manage everything in their life. We celebrate 'HOLI- The Festival of Colors' to spread the joy and a variety of colours so that life could become beautiful and colourful. Woman is also doing the same thing as she makes her surrounding Beautiful, Joyful and Colourful.

Just so we know that Colors define the emotions therefore, when we talk about the colors we talk about the different emotions. While colors are here, one should not forget that every day woman is portraying different shades of her life. There are too many shades and colors of woman, which she use to fill in the life. Whether its a Color of Love or Faith, Trust or Strength, woman is sprinkling multiple colors of emotion every where.

We often take her granted for the sake of equality. While here is no equality needed as woman is complete in herself and equality would be a small word for her. Being a woman, I can identify with the things that woman often faces in daily life. Whether she’s a mother, daughter, sister, wife or a girlfriend; she plays her role perfectly in every stage of life.

At every field, woman is marking their presence & making their loved ones proud. If we say “It’s an era of women” then it would not be wrong.

Moreover, Do you remember, when the last time you pamper your loving lady (Ofcourse mother, daughter, girlfriend or wife) without asking by them. NO…!!! Then think about her work ability that how she is working under all circumstances and pampering their loved ones with a BiG Smile....Go & Pamper all the Women in your life :-)

Cheers to all the Ladies out there…! And on this Holi Let's Celebrate the various Colors of a Woman.